Here at Celestial Salts our point of difference is that all of the flowers, herbs and fruit that go into our products are grown right here in Margaret River. Spray and chemical free from our gardens to your bath or shower. We want you to nurture yourselves in nature. It is our hope that all things celestial touch every body... Everywhere.

Inspired by the love of a garden.

Welcome to Celestial Salts…

Inspired by the love of a garden, a blissful bath and the want to Nurture the body with Nature. All of our blends boast flowers that have been home grown and hand-picked with gratitude from our very abundant Celestial gardens in Australia’s South West Region, Margaret River. We use only pure essential oils and where possible local ingredients to promote and support other local businesses. Here at Celestial Salts it is our desire that all things Celestial touch EVERY body EVERY where.

Our Story