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Celestial Salts

Body Scrub Range

Body Scrub Range

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Body Scrubs – Full Product Range

Something for everyone, our packs contain one of everything from our scrubs range. Made with Love. Available in all sizes, in either pouches or tins. These make great gifts to divide up and add to hampers or to simply spoil either someone else or your beautiful self.


Pouches, Tins


3 x 100g, 3 x 250g


Wake your skin up with our gorgeous Coffee scrub. So great are the benefits of coffee and sugar in a scrub. Besides the act of exfoliating all your old dead skin cells down the drain to make way for new ones and improving circulation in the process, Coffee dilates the blood vessels beneath the skin to reduce cellulite and inflammation. Its rich in Niacin and Antioxidants that help fight free radicals that lead to skin damage. Sugar is loaded with Glycolic acid that penetrates cells and leave you looking and feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Pure Coconut oil hydrates, feeds and protects your gorgeous skin. Such a great way to start your day.


Great for removing dead skin cells, old tans or a crappy day. The benefits of Seaweed on your skin are endless, Its hydrating, rich in Amino Acids for anti-aging, promotes collagen production, maintains moisture levels and smooths the skin surface. Combining our Local Vasse Valley Hemp oil and Pure Coconut oil in this divine scrub, it will penetrate deep into your skin to hydrate, feed and protect your largest organ of all....your skin. WA Lake Salt helps to remove impurities and toxins while Magnesium Sulphate is a rich source of minerals that are beneficial for optimum skin health. Infused with essential oils of Lime, Juniper Berry and Clove.


Nurture yourself With Nature .... From our Celestial gardens in Margaret River. Wash all your worries and dead skin down the drain with our Botanical Blend.  Coupled with our very own Margaret Rivers Della Fay Olive Oil and Pure Coconut Oil, this scrub is great for dry, aging and damaged skin. Olive oil is loaded with antioxidants that help to prevent premature aging and also contains Vitamins A, D, E and K. Moisturising and hydrating it feeds and protects the skin.


All Celestial Salts products are Vegan. Cruelty Free. We have also tested our products on willing and consenting family and friends... Some side effects included sleepiness, relaxed states of being and a sense of love for the self



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